We solve complex IT problems and sometimes fix computers

If you are willing to eliminate most of the computer network problems and downtimes, or looking to outsource the IT network administration and/or the helpdesk, please read on...

At Blueprof Consulting Inc. we deliver professional, yet affordable Computer Services and IT Consulting to businesses and non-profit organizations in Vancouver with a business savvy approach, without speaking geek’s language.

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Get All Computer Services You Need When You Need Them

Faster Tech Support means better productivity.

How does faster on-site support response time, fewer computer repair bills, and minimal down-time sound to you?

We can show up in your office and fix the problem in 2-4 hours from your call.
But why wait until something breaks within your computer network to call us?

Often computer problems can be very expensive for your business. Even after omitting the costs of lost productivity, there are still bigger costs of repairing and restoring your network.

Many computer problems could be prevented using proper maintenance and ongoing computer and server monitoring.

This is why we've created a Proactive Technical Support Service with 24 hour network monitoring for small businesses and non-profit organizations.

While some IT consultants still just troubleshoot and repair PC desktops and networks, Blueprof I.T. permanently monitors your network, helps your users and fixes computers faster either remote or on-site for a fixed low monthly price.

The fact is, all of our clients have chosen to get their network monitored 24/7 so we often know ahead of them when an issue shows up.

Ongoing Computer Support - Open Book IT Services for Peace Of Mind

Proactive Computer Maintenance Services Users

Did you know that you can get Complete Network Support Services for a lower monthly cost?

Our CONTROL FRIENDLY® Proactive Network Maintenance is a complete IT Technical Support Solution for business with 5 to 50+ computers. You will get:

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You can also learn more about our CONTROL FRIENDLY® Proactive Network Maintenance Services (managed IT services) and how they can improve your peace of mind risk free just signing up here for a Problem Prevention Network Audit available for businesses and non-profit organizations in Vancouver, Richmond, North Vancouver and Burnaby.

Stop losing money because of computer problems and downtimes

How long are you going to live with that slow computer network that is always hanging up or even crashing before you do something about it?

Did you know that 90% of the day to day issues with your computers can be fixed easily and inexpensively?

Most business owners live with computer problems and frustrations simply because they don’t know how to fix them, or they think it will require a huge investment or systems upgrade.

How about having a dedicated technology professional on your team who is continuously taking care of your network without the expense of having to hire that technician?

We function as your own full time Information Technology (IT) Department, just the cost is considerably lower.

This service is specifically suited to Businesses and not-for-profit Organizations and it's affordable even for small companies with 4-5 computers in a network and no server. More about our IT services.

Find out how our Proactive Computer Services for Business works signing up here for a Downtime Prevention Network Audit.
(only available in Vancouver, Richmond, North Vancouver and Burnaby)

30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee on All IT Services

IT Technical Support Prices

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Computer Services Advisory White Paper

Do You Depend On Your Computer Network To Run Your Business?

This white paper will outline in non-geek language common issues that many small business owners encouter within their computer network that cost them a lot in lost sales, productivity and computer repair bills.

Read this report and discover:

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