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Introducing Open-Book Computer Services

We are proud to offer a 100% Open-Book IT Service which means:

- You see everything we see in your network with full access to our monitoring console at no addtional cost

- You know our standard prices so you'll know exactly that getting a discount means that you got a real discount not a fake discount like you get from most of our competitors with no prices on their websites.

- You have access to all your passwords including the main Administrator password so you can switch to any other provider any time if you would like to.

- Our contracts are always month to month and we guarantee to help with transition to another IT services provider should you require it.

If your current provider doesn't offer you all of the above, give us a call.

Contact us today or just send us an email at to ask for a monthly price for your business' IT maintenance and support.

The New Control Friendly IT Business Tools Website is now online

You could check some of our prices there and learn the new way of doing IT Support at

Now get 15% discount if your Business is located Downtown

This is because it costs us less to deliver our services Downtown, hence we can offer very affordable maintenance agreements with fast on-site support for businesses close to our office. This of course applies to businesses around our office on Broadway as well.
Contact us today or just send us an email at to ask for a quote for your business' IT maintenance and support. You'll be glad you did!

Blueprof It is a Vancouver Board of Trade Member

If your company is a Vancouver Board of Trade Member feel free to Contact us anytime by email for a free comprehensive consultation regarding any IT Project or simply a second opinion about operational network, computer or server issues. This is a 100% free, no obligation offer, as long as we can keep the discussion by email.

Introducing Control Friendly WiFi

Control Friendly WiFi is a scalable WiFi service for big buildings with Welcome Page for the clients connecting to the wireless specially designed for the hospitality industry. It's esentially a WiFi network of wireless routers working together, very secure and with wireless access control by vouchers (which you can sell) or free with Welcome Page. Visit our Control Friendly Business Tools website for details.

Control Friendly IT Solutions and Products - Control Friendly Servers, Control Friendly Wireless

Introducing Control Friendly® IT

We just launched Control Friendly® IT, a suite of innovative IT Business Tools created to help small businesses achieve more with easier to use technology, at a significantly better cost.

And what is really nice is that we can offer some of the Control Friendly IT Business Tools anywhere in Canada. Click on the logo to visit the Control Friendly IT Business Tools website.

If you are an IT consultant interested in working with us in geographic areas we don't currently cover, please send us an email (see the contact page).

We are proud to announce that we've completed the requirements to become a Google APPS Authorized Reseller
Blueprof IT is now a Google APPS Authorized Reseller and we have already 6 companies which have chosen the reliability of Google APPS for their e-mail. Please contanct us if you think of getting a great e-mail system for your company, we can let you choose among 4 different options, all of them implemented at businesses like yours and with references available upon request. Google APPS however is our preferred solution so far for businesses who need guaranteed availability for e-mail.

We are now a Microsoft Online Services Partner
Blueprof IT is now a Microsoft Online Services Partner, so we can assist you with the implementation and setup of the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Solutions, such as e-mail (Exchange), colaboration portal (Sharepoint) etc. Find out more about Microsoft Online Services

Public Company? Did you aquired a company or merged yours with another company? You need a Domain Rename and e-mail renaming!
Blueprof IT is happy to anounce that a complete domain renaming operation on a complex intrastructure with 4 servers was just completed for a Public Company. Please don't hesitate to contact us for details and references about this very interesting project. And if you need such an operation you should definitely ask us for a quote, we developed a complete procedure with all we learned and this will save your company thousands of dollars in labor cost. We actually do this all the time, this is why we are able to charge less for great quality on most projects.

We've just delivered a complex IT infrastructure project to Solly's Bagelry!
11 new computers, 1 new server, 3 locations connected by a secure VPN (encrypted connection through the internet), a new e-mail service deployment, and a new domain, remote access, etc. A complete case study will be soon posted on our Case Studies page soon. In the meantime, if you are not familiar with Solly's delicios products, you should definitely visit one of the 3 locations in Vancouver and taste some asap!

Blueprof IT is now Member of CompTIA
We are proud to become member of the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), the biggest IT Industry Association. Among CompTIA's members are well known names such as IBM, HP, Dell and many others.

Computer Technology Industry Association

The old nice virus is gone ...
Meet the new viruses: the password stealer, the spam sender or the keylogger.

Computer virus types and incidence - McAfee Research Report
Source: McAfee Research Report. Read the report (pdf).

You can easily get these new viruses (aka malware, spyware) even from a well known website which has been compromised... and the problem is, because the way they work and because you execute them without even knowing that, your antivirus might not catch them or catch them too late. Too late means somebody already got you bank account password, your e-mail password or your company's account password and they are ready to make nice money out of it.

Are you prepared? If not, or you don't know, please be one of those who call now. Most of the people unfortunatelly call after... their e-mail server is on blacklists, their passwords are stolen or their sensitive documents / their clients' database are subject in the news.

New: Remote Offices Solutions for Businesses in Vancouver
Learn more about the benefits of working remotely from anywhere, anytime, connected to your business network.

Now get special pricing for IT Services around W. Broadway area
How is this possible? We offer lower support rates for businesses located close to our office just because it costs us less to support clients in our neighbourhood. Plus there are chances you will get a technician on-site ...way too fast! Contact us to inquire about your special price and response time.

The new Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 is available
Learn more about Small Business Server 2008 here and use Blueprof IT expertise to help you plan and implement your new SBS 2008. We offer this at a fixed price to make easier for you to plan your budget. Our customers love this!

New Microsoft Small Business Server implementations
We are currently preparing new case studies to be posted on this website after the last two Small Business Server 2003 implementations for our clients in Richmond and Vancouver. If you think about getting a new Small Business Server server or the first server for your business, please contact us for references to learn how this worked for other companies like yours.

Blueprof delivered the full redesign of BCEIA website
The new over 100 pages website was completely redesigned and it will soon feature a login application for British Columbia Environment Industry Association members. Visit the new website to see what we are able to deliver and call us if you need a nicer, more professional website for your business.

Blueprof delivered the new Hazardous Waste Website
The new website was delivered to British Columbia Environment Industry Association and it's dealing with Hazardous Waste Management in BC.
We are very proud to be part of such an important project. The new website can be reached at .

Blueprof is the Member of the Month at Italian Chamber of Commerce
Blueprof IT is honored to be named Vancouver Member of the Month by Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada.

Blueprof and ZoneArt launched targeting Startup Businesses brings a new offer in the Vancouver area web design market targeting mainly small business start-ups and small office home offices (SOHO) and nonprofits with small budgets for advertising and web design.
Based on a framework using web design templates, the websites are very affordable and could be delivered as fast as two days with all features of a simple classic website included. Read more about one of the most affordable yet serious Web Design Offer in Vancouver BC at

A Proud Entrepreneur of the Canadian Youth Business Foundation
Radu, the owner of Blueprof Consulting Inc., is one of the Proud Entrepreneurs of the Canadian Youth Business Foundation. Click the picture if you want to learn more about CYBF.

A Proud Entrepreneur of the Canadian Youth Business Foundation

A new approach in computer services delivery.
Blueprof IT introduces a new approach to Computer Services in Vancouver BC. After dealing with a lot of clients complaining about their past unreliable computer consultants we decided to commit ourselves to delivering fast, yet affordable computer network support with 100% Money Back Guarantee.

IT Aware Small Business Training - What's New On Your Computer

Three Dangers That All Computer Users Must Be Aware Of

Spam e-mails are not only annoying and time consuming, but they’re also becoming more dangerous to your personal privacy and the security of your computer and business. Millions of computer users are getting infected, spoofed, and tricked by spam every day.

These are 3 NEW dangers that all computer users must be aware of:

   1. A hijacked and spoofed e-mail addresses. Spammers have discovered new ways to infiltrate small software programs in your computer, to make it appear as though their e-mail is coming from YOUR computer. This could result in having your Internet connection terminated or put on hold by your ISP – or even worse, you can end up having your business or foundation domain name banned by the hosting company completely killing all your e-mail communication and your website, or getting listed on blacklists (like the one from Spamhaus) used by many spam software and therefore nobody using a spam filter will get your e-mails.

   2. A virus-carrying spam. Accidentally open a spam e-mail carrying a nasty virus and you can end up with big problems ranging from the slowing of your system to more serious threats such as system crashes, data loss, identity theft, redirecting your web browser to various sites, and more.

   3. Phishing spam. Recently I've heard a news story about how much the Americans lost in 2007 because of phishing e-mails. It's not some million dollars but over 3 billion!

A phishing e-mail appears to be a legitimate e-mail from a bank, vendor, or other trusted source. The purpose is to trick you into giving confidential information such as bank accounts, social security numbers, passwords, and credit card information. You’ve probably already received a PayPal or bank spam e-mail that said your account was going to be closed unless you verified your information. It then directs you to a very convincing web site where you input certain information the thief is trying to glean. In reality, this is a malicious third party that is going to use your information to open credit card accounts, access your account, steal money, and cause you other major identity and financial problems.
If you have a specific question about computer security, spam, or other computer issues, please contact us right away.

Our Monthly Newsletter contains many computer tips like this one, handy techniques for using your computer better and stories about how other small businesses use IT to make more money and protect their business. Subscribe now!

How to Buy The Perfect Laptops for Your Business?

Everybody wants to buy the best laptop brand and there are millions of opinions about which brand is worth buying. Anyhow, there are very few big name laptop producers who still produce their laptops. It is more cost effective for them to get the laptop from companies from China, Taiwan etc. called Original Design Manufacturers (ODM) and just brand them. More about ODMs here.

What you should be looking at more closely is not the brand name, but the warranty, features (especially the size, weight and the running time on battery) and price. The warranty in particular is very important for a laptop, from our experience the vendor's business model with 3 year warranty laptops are by far more reliable than the ones with only one year vendor warranty.

Adding warranty offered by the computer shop is not making the laptop more reliable, you get some peace of mind but how about the few weeks downtime when it's broken? Because it's more a matter of "when" than "if".
And by the way, the data on the hard drive is not covered by the warranty, so you’d better have a good backup. If your laptop just crashed and you need the data from it contact us right away before sending the laptop to the warranty provider .
As a conclusion: Always pay for warranty and features not for the name. And this applies to workstation computers too.

A Beginner’s Guide To Computer Networks

Computer networking isn’t as expensive or as complicated as it used to be. Lower costs and “plug and play” devices have made it extremely easy for even small Mom and Pop shops to take advantage of the increased speed, accuracy, and ease of doing business offered by a computer network.

What Is A Network? A computer network is nothing more than a system of computers and computer devices (like a printer or scanner) that are connected together to share files, information, and resources. If you connect your computer with another computer with a cable, you’ve got a peer-to-peer network in place.

The Best Computer Network For You? If you only have two or three computers, you may want to start off only with a simple peer to peer network where all machines are directly connected to one another. However, there are drawbacks to this set up. Peer to peer networks make it difficult to backup and manage files because everyone has to store everything – software and data files – on their own machine. 

A better option is the client-server network where a powerful computer called a server stores and “serves up” the information and software applications (databases, word processing, accounting, etc) to all the machines in your network or office.

This type of network configuration is much faster, secure, and stable. Backups are not only easier to perform, but they are also far more reliable and accurate. Security is improved, sharing software applications becomes easier, the business productivity increases.

Of course, if the server goes down your entire network (and business) will be affected. Therefore you want to make sure you have a fast-response service agreement with a local computer support firm like Blueprof IT.

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