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Remote Office Solutions - Enable Employees to Work from Anywhere

There are several solutions available to have your employees work from home or from abroad when travelling, on a small business budget.

Depending on your business IT network configuration and level of investment in IT infrastructure, there are two ways to achieve a high mobility:

Keep the Company's Data On Premises and Connect Remotely

You can get employees securely connected remotely from their laptops to your business network and have access to any shared folder, printer, e-mail, or even their entire workstation screen and work exactly like being in front of it at the office from any place in the world. Read more...

Host the Company's Data On the Internet Cloud for High Avaialbility

You can choose to simply have all the business data hosted online, outside your network, on what we call "the cloud" ready and highly available from anywhere. This requires no infrastructure investment other than a laptop and optionally a printer and no maintenance.

All you have to pay is a very affordable monthly fee to the data hosting provider, e-mail provider, etc. Read more...

Use Both Options for the Highest Data Availability and Protection

In both cases all you need on the travelling computers is an internet connection, there is little or no additional software to buy (depending of your requirements).

The advantage of combining both hosting options is a high degree of speed and availability, plus maximum data protection - Data is hosted on premises and mirrored off-site on the cloud.

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