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From On-site Computer Fix to Network / Server Solutions for Business

We deliver end-to-end IT services, from computer repair to advanced Microsoft solutions for servers and networking

In short: if you have a server, a network and computers we can deliver pretty much everything you may need assuming you work with Microsoft software (Windows):

Or simply get all IT Services you need PLUS non-stop monitoring of your systems for a low fixed monthly fee with our "all you can eat" Network Maintenance Complete for small and medium businesses and non-profits in Vancouver area.

IT Security Solutions - Is Your Sensitive Computer Data Safe?

Don't let your computer data go unprotected and unsecured! There are many ways your data can be stolen or corupted, severily affecting your business.

Also, any employee can take all of your unprotected data when leaving for a competitor. Do you really think that a non-disclosure agreement will help you better than a healthy IT security policy?

And chances are, you already have all the tools to secure your data, so no additional software purchase would be necessary.

Call us today for a computer security consultation, we will tell you all you need to know about protecting and securing your electronic files and/or your electronic communication (e-mail, remote access), then we will help you secure everything you need to be secured.

A Business Needs Efficient IT Solutions not only computer repair

Usually, along with on-site computer repair and network support , a business needs software solutions to improve productivity e-mail, a website, office software, antivirus and anti spyware, accounting software, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, a good backup solution, etc. We deploy and manage an extensive list of software and are able to adjust to your own software deploayment needs.

For a quick and affordable way to get a domain name, hosting and e-mail addresses included we work with 1&1 - www.1and1.com and for small businesses and non-profits we recommend Google Apps.
For the setup don't hesitate to contact us to help you. The cost to getting this super reliable e-mail service is unbelievable!




To Pay your Computer Services Invoice using a Credit Card
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Or Pay with your Debit Card with Interac® e-transfer.


Up-Front Pricing. 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee on All IT Services.

No Hidden Costs. No surprises.

Our On-Site IT Support Services and Remote IT Support Services can be quoted “per incident” so, if the service call takes longer than expected, you’ll never pay more!

If you prefer hourly pricing:

Standard On-Site rate: $85/h
Advanced servers/networks: $99/h (projects only)

20% discount with maintenance plans

*One hour minimum then by the minute, on-site travel free in Vancouver, North Van. Richmond and Burnaby.

MORE PRICES and IT Solutions on our Control Friendly IT Tools for Small Businesses website

To get an estimate and problem evaluation is always free, so call now while you're thinking about it!

Proactive IT Maintenance Services You can choose among three levels of service. The prices are per computer per month:

Desktop Maintenance/Support:
starts at $18/mo
(unlimited remote support included)

Server Management:
starts at $98/mo
(unlimited remote support included, on-site support not included)

All-Inclusive Network Maintenance:
starts at $450/mo
(with unlimited remote support and on-site support included)

Call our tech support for a free quote!

Note: If you are looking for a quick-draw computer guy that will put a cheap, bandaid fix on your computer problem to just get you through the day, then we respectfully ask that you call someone else.
But if you really want to put an end to annoying, data-threatening computer problems, and want someone who you can trust to do a thorough job at resolving all of your problems finally and forever, then you'll be delighted you called Blueprof IT.

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With NO Maintenance Plan:

On-Site IT Support

SOHO On-Site IT Support

Add minutes

Clients with Maintenance Plan and NO On-Site Support included:

On-Site IT Support $69/h

Remote IT Support $59/h